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ANSES sets out the scientific activities inherent to its missions, including the assessment of biocide dossiers.

ANSES publishes a register of French decisions. The register of decisions brings together all the documents relating to marketing authorisation of biocidal products in France.

This European Commission website offers a public space devoted to the biocides regulations. The assessment reports for biocidal active substances can be found there, as well as guidance documents validated at European meetings between Member States.

To access the documents, click on the left: "Browse categories". Select the title "Health and Food Safety" from the central list, in the "European Commission" category. Then select the title "Biocides - Regulation 528/2012 - Public" from the central list, in the "Public Access" category. Lastly, either the documents are available on the home page, or you will need to go into the "Library" tree structure.

The European Chemicals Agency's assistance service provides free advice to entities subject to the requirements of the regulations on biocidal products, and responds to questions relating to European harmonisation. It also offers support to users with ECHA's computer tools (such as IUCLID 5 and R4BP).

This link allows you to declare products for toxicovigilance purposes.

The French Ministry of the Environment presents the biocidal products and the regulations governing them. Only available in French.

This site developed by the Ministry of the Environment and ANSES enables you to declare products placed on the French market and manage biocide certificates ("certibiocides").

ECHA provides access, via a search engine, to all the active substances (ASs) included in the European review programme. The information is updated regularly. The regulatory texts are authentic.

ECHA regularly updates the list of products authorised in all European countries.

In accordance with Article 95 of the BPR, ECHA makes available a list of suppliers of active substances according to the product types. This list is updated regularly.

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