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  • Why should products be declared to the inventory?


    The purpose of the biocides inventory is to:

    • enable managers responsible for the first placing of biocidal products on the market or third-party reporters to declare their products and consult and modify the data sent;
    • enable users to access data on biocidal products via the Internet, and in particular the safety data sheets for the products declared;
    • establish an inventory of biocidal products placed on the market in France;
    • provide inspection unit officers with the list of products declared and products to be withdrawn from the market;
    • enable the Ministry of the Environment to ensure the proper implementation of the regulations on biocidal products;
    • constitute from the information provided a database of biocidal products on the market in France.
  • How do I declare products or quantities to the inventory?


    Declarations are made via the site. The step-by-step process is explained in the documentation on the Simmbad website. Products must be declared to the inventory before the first placing on the market.

  • For how long is a certibiocide valid?


    The duration of validity is 5 years maximum, or until expiry of the certiphyto that enabled the candidate to gain access to reduced training of 7 hours. The earliest expiry date is the one that applies.

  • Where can I sit for the certibiocide?


    In a training organisation approved and listed for individual certificates for the "professional use of plant protection products" and/or "offering plant protection products for sale" activities and registered with the Ministry of the Environment. A list of the training centres is available on Simmbad. fr.

    Once the candidate has obtained the “certiphyto”, they register on and choose the training centre in which they will follow the certibiocide training.

  • How do I obtain a certibiocide?


    In general, the certibiocide is obtained after 21 hours (three days) of training addressing all the points necessary for effective and safer use of biocidal products. This being the case, holders of a certificate or statement of individual "certiphyto" training that is valid for the "professional use of plant protection products" and/or "offering plant protection products for sale" activities in the categories covered by the text, can obtain their "certibiocide" certificate after reduced training of 7 hours (just one day).

  • What is the certibiocide?


    It is an individual certificate for the "professional user and distribution of certain types of biocidal products intended exclusively for professionals" activity. For more information, please consult the website.